Platinum Synthetic Turf
$ 2.69 USD

Platinum Synthetic Turf

Platinum synthetic turf was designed and created with the higher traffic areas of your yard in mind. The stronger more durable blades, although thinner, stand up to the busiest areas throughout your yard. With the 1.75” blade height and the density of 104oz total weight, this product is the perfect option for any application.

Other Artificial Turf Selections

Gold synthetic turf features 2-inch pile height, making it the plushest turf we offer. The additional pile height not only creates the look and feel of plush grass, it also reduces the amount of infill needed.

Silver selection is one of the softest products in our pro series line. If you are looking for a pillow top made out of artificial grass, then this is the product. The 4-color product, mixed with pine-green and lime-green blades, looks natural in all neighborhoods across the country.

Our copper turf selection s a beautifully-constructed combination of emerald and lime-green colors. It utilizes both light-tan and green thatch, giving it a natural and realistic look. This turf is made to withstand extreme weather and rough wear and tear. Whether you’re looking for landscape, patio or pet turf, copper turf is the turf for you.